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Chiropractic Care helps to restore patients’ posture, nerve and muscular function, joint alignment and mobility.  It also has a balancing effect on the autonomic nervous system, helping people to relax who are stuck in “fight of flight” mode.  This causes much relief for those who have anxiety or who may be in pain from sports and overuse injuries, traumas or from common sprains and strains of life.

Computerized Heart Rate Variability Testing and Thermal Spinal Scans are done in the office to determine how the body is regulating itself from stress and the overall balance of the autonomic nervous system. 

Dr. Sannelli uses gentle and precise joint mobilization and alignment protocols--Activator Methods®, Hesch Method and traditional Chiropractic Adjustments.  She uses Active Release Techniques® for restoring soft-tissue function and to relieve muscular pain and nerve impingements. Postural and strengthening exercises are used for stability and long-term results. 

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