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Dr. Sannelli is a board-certified Chiropractic Physician, a Functional Medicine Doctor, and a Clinical Nutritionist with specialties in pain management, the treatment of food sensitivities, and digestive, hormonal and metabolic disorders. She earned her Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree at Logan College of Chiropractic and her B.A. at Bowdoin College. Dr. Sannelli received her training in Functional Medicine through The Institute for Functional Medicine and received her Master's degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. She is certified to treat both children and adults with both nutrition and chiropractic care. Dr. Sannelli has achieved the recognition of an Advanced Proficiency-Rated doctor by Activator Methods, the most-researched and accurate chiropractic assessment protocol and treatment.
At 12 years old, Dr. Sannelli received her first chiropractic adjustment after her back locked-up in school. She still remembers the moment when her back was released and the pain disappeared. It has been her go-to for natural pain relief ever since! Through the years, she also has experienced numerous health benefits from chiropractic care. They include relief of sinus congestion and migraines, increased immunity and faster post-workout recovery.
As far as nutrition, Dr. Sannelli has been passionate about food since her teen years.  Her mother instilled in her a love for a wide variety of wholesome foods from a young age, which inspired her to learn all she could about nutrition and food as medicine. Dr. Sannelli has had extensive training in clinical research and in the analysis of laboratory test results. She has had the honor of being taught by Dr. Richard Lord, PhD,  author of Laboratory Evaluations for Integrative and Functional Medicine. Her training includes assessment of urinary organic acid tests that detect early nutritional deficiencies and metabolic imbalances which can be the root causes of conditions, such as chronic inflammation, skin disorders, hormonal imbalance, weight gain, hindered energy production, toxicity, as well as autoimmune disease.  

This advanced diagnostic training has taught Dr. Sannelli how to identify many underlying causes of people's health problems, giving her and her patients direction and solutions for their healing. Her experience in both Functional Medicine and Chiropractic gives her patients the best of both, which has been especially helpful for people with conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, MS, chronic fatigue, anxiety, recurrent infections, abdominal pain, constipation, allergies, asthma and more.

Dr. Sannelli loves empowering people with knowledge about holistic health and speaks regularly in the community. It is her passion and pleasure to help others be well so they can flourish! When she’s not working with patients, she spends time enjoying her husband and two children, relaxing with family and friends, coloring, cooking, hiking, playing with her Jack Russell terrier, Kobe, and worshipping God.   
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