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Clinical Nutrition is an exciting part of our practice, as food is often used therapeutically to help reduce patients’ health complaints and improve immune function.  Functional foods and botanicals have special constituents which can help to reduce inflammation, pain and toxins.  Some nutrients and herbs improve energy, fat loss, respiratory function, immunity and circulation.

Dr. Sannelli provides medical nutrition therapy,

lifestyle counseling and personalized menu plans to help people develop and reach their nutrition goals.  

As far as weight management and disease management,  Dr. Sannelli teaches her

patients to pay attention to the effects different

foods and beverages have on them.  She helps them discover which foods strengthen them

and which whole foods are enjoyable to them, so

they can add declicious and fortifying foods into their diets, with multiple health benefits.  When people enjoy the foods they eat and understand their health benefits, they are more likely to eat and prepare

them on a regular basis, without feeling deprived.

This is one of the keys to sustaining ideal weight and overall health.  Dr. Sannelli has many tips and experience in helping people be at their healthiest weight and energy levels for life.

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Clinical Nutrition Services Offered:

  • Nutritional Consultations & Evaluations

  • One on One Medical Nutrition Therapy

  • Traditional and Functional Laboratory Testing and Analysis

  • Body Composition Analysis (Bioelectrical Impedance for analysis of fat and muscle mass)

  • Dietary and Nutrient Analysis

  • Metabolism Assessment

  • Detoxification Programs

  • Physician-guided Weight Managment Programs

  • Neurotransmitter Assessment for anxiety, depression, irritability & post partum depression

  • Stool Analysis for microbiome and intestinal health

  • Genetic testing for enzyme variants related to chronic fatigue and nutrition-related conditions

  • Support and therapy for emotional eating and specialized dietary conditions such as Celiac and Crohn's Disease .

  • 3-month, 6- month, 9-month and 12-month nutritional and weight-loss programs

  • Maintenance Support Program for Sustaining Nutritional Wellness

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